20 Classic Attention-Magnet Words Used in Advertising


When it comes to advertising, being average in the field may get a few people interested in your service or product, but it is definitely not going to propel you any higher in the business world. In a bid to keep up with the times, many advertising agents are incorporating slang and tech words into their messages. The results are often very good if the language, images and slogans used actually match the audience’s interests. There are however certain attention-grabbing words that have stood the test of time and are still being used today. Here are the 20 power words to use in your advertising to keep your customers intrigued.

1. You
It is the single most powerful word in advertising. It doesn’t matter how well written and elaborate your message is or how good your product/service is. If your message doesn’t call out to anyone, who do you expect to listen or read on? Makes sense doesn’t it?

2. Free
When’s the last time you saw this word on a page or screen and didn’t want to read on or hear more? Never? Point made.

3. Save
It is the next best word to use in advertising when you don’t have the luxury to use “free”.

4. New
If there is nothing improved about the service or product, its old news. No one will care.

5. Improved
The slightest change or improvement in a service or product is enough to make your customers want to try it, especially if it is already highly regarded.

6. Guarantee
What you see: “Guarantee”
What your customers see: “I’m putting my money where my mouth is.”

7. Boost
Everyone wants something that will improve their life in some way, be it business, health etc

8. Approved/Proven
The magic word in advertising that removes all doubt.

9. Easy
It holds the customers attention because they believe they don’t have to go through too much to reap the benefits of using the service or product.

10. Exclusive
It makes a great way to attract specific people in your market.

11. Offer
Much like “save”, the word “offer” provides the incentive to get them to try your services/products.

12. Try
It makes a softer and better word than “buy”.

13. Unique
People are always looking for something that is out of the ordinary.

14. Compare
You are challenging your prospective clients to rate you compared to your competitors. It signifies complete confidence in your brand.

15. Only
A great word to distinguish yourself from competitors. It is also a great word to use when mentioning price e.g for only $3 get…

16. Opportunity
This word makes the audience feel like they will be getting something worthwhile in return by making an investment in your product/service.

17. Love
Let them know the kind of emotional response they will expect after using your service. Love tops the list of what they want to feel, so use it!

18. Click
If you are advertising online, this makes a great way to include everyone who is interested in the information and not just those who are computer literate.

19. Results
Your prospective clients want results. If you can provide that, they will use your product/service.

20. Now
Motivate them to make an order right there and then. Another great word with the same effect is” Start”.

Now that you know how marketing gurus have been alluring people to big brands for decades, give this a “try”. You’ll “love” the “results!” Its already working, isn’t it?

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