7 Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid

Copywriting isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. But on the other hand there’s nothing wrong at all by knowing about the more commonly seen mistakes in copywriting that will work against you. Given below are 7 copywriting mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Spelling and grammar mistakes are among the simple mistakes that affects your copy’s conversion rates. It’s just that things like this do not look good, they reflect poorly on you and people will judge you by it. So, easy fix is to proof your copy, make the edits and revisions you need to do, and then you’re good to go. If your prospects get a feel that you haven’t taken your sales copy seriously, then they’ll obviously feel that your product isn’t that worth it. Instead of trying to check for everything at once, you can read it once for spelling, once for grammar, once for organization, etc.

2. A common copywriting mistake is not taking care of the punctuation when writing the copy. In all your copywriting, be 100% clear about what you’re saying, and take care that the product benefits are expressed as benefits and not features – tell them what’s in it for them.The reason grammar mistakes are important to keep at a minimum is because you’ll start creating too strong of a negative impression, and then people will extend that to how you conduct business

3.Another simple mistake that copywriters commit is that they don’t have any convincing testimonials lined up in their copy. Its important to remember that people don’t buy for logical reasons, all purchases are made for emotional reasons and then justified, afterwards. In order to increase their trust in your product before they actually buy it, you’ve to show them how the other people have benefited from it. If you don’t have testimonials, you really need to get some because they’ll help you to create almost instant trust and some rapport with your site or blog visitors. Having real testimonials from happy customers is a sure shot way to increase your conversion rate.

4.Use of negative words is also a common mistake people make. It all has to do with human psychology because you want to avoid creating an uncomfortable emotional state in your reader. Don’t use words that make the reader feel unhappy. Avoid using words such as ‘disastrous’ or ‘painful’, instead go for positive words such as ‘amazing’ or ‘peaceful’, etc. All sales copy has strategy and tactics involved with it, and that’s the main reason for using negative words – they help to accomplish the overall goal.

5. Too many copywriters think that the post script (P.S.) does not need to be included in the sales copy. It is just as vital as your headline as it will improve your conversion rate. You use post script to remind your customer about the advantages of using your product. There are going to be times when your buyer doesn’t really know if he should actually hit “purchase”. In those moments the P.S. is essential for getting the job done. If you truly want to make money you need to help your potential buyer want to take action and make them feel like they are buying something worthwhile from you. Its those times that the P.S. is exactly as important as your top of the page headline.

6. Subheadings, or subheads, are a tremendously important aspect of all sales copy, and there are many kinds of mistakes that can be made with them. The headline is a super-critical part of all sales copy, and you just can never not have a headline. The paragraph is used in sales copy for the same reason it’s used in any other form of writing. As you write your sales copy, it will have a main body, and the main body will have different sections each of which having a subheading for it. Subheadings make it easy for the reader to scan through the sales copy before actually getting down to reading it.

7. Keep your paragraphs relatively short, no more than 5 sentences max, because any more and your readers will respond negatively. You want your reader to actually read the copy and understand, and one way to help accomplish that is to be sure to use white space in your sales copy material

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