Funnel Scripts Review June 2018

Copywriting Made Easy - Thanks to Funnel Scripts - Here is my Review

Name: Funnel Scripts

Description: Funnel Scripts is a Browser based Application that writes the Sales Copy of your Products for you.

Price: 497

Currency: USD $

Operating System: Web Browser

Application Category: Copywriting Software


  • Funnel Scripts


Funnel Scripts makes the Copywriting Process very easy. You can write your Sales Letter, Sales Videos or even eCom Product Sales Texts in Minutes instead of hours.


Is Funnel Scripts Really Worth it?

Writing Copy is always hard but it doesn’t have to be anymore, because of Funnel Scripts (by Clickfunnels). Thats their Claim, I’ve tried it out and share my knowledge with you here.


This is my Honest Review About Funnel Scripts.

Introduction of Funnel Scripts

Product name: Funnel Scripts
Product Creator: Clickfunnels
Website: here
Price: $497 per year
Rating: 5/5

Buy Funnel Scripts directly here

What is Funnel Scripts about?

Funnel Scripts is the new Copywriting Software by ClickFunnels (Russell Brunson). With this Product you can write your Sales Copy hustle free. You don’t have to know much about copywriting if you are using Funnel Scripts because it does it ALL for YOU!

Funnel Scripts Benefits and Features

At an affordable price, you get a tool where you can write all your Salesletters, Sales Emails, Headlines etc. for your Salesfunnels with no huge effort. You just have to fill out your Informations about the Product you want to sell and Funnel Scripts does all the rest for you!

Writing Salescopy is the very hard part in every business, yet it is one of the MOST important part because it decides if you will sell or not sell your product.
With Funnelscripts you have an easy Solution for your copywriting “problem”. The Software is very intuitive in the handling and offers a huge range of copywriting Benefits.

What’s Included in the Package?

Of Course the Software (Web Application) itself is included and some awesome Bonus Stuff I don’t know about yet.


Who should purchase Funnel Scripts and why?

If you don’t want to spend so much time on writing expensive Sales Copy who is like crap because you’re not an expert than Funnel Scripts solves this problem very smart and fast. You can use Funnel Scripts for all your Sales Copy and also for the Sales Copy of your Clients.

Which Scripts can you create with Funnel Scripts?

These are just a few examples of all the Scripts you can create with Funnel Scripts:

  • Sales Copy
  • Call to Action
  • Video Sales Letter Scripts (VSL)
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • Facebook Newsfeed Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Headline & Subject Lines
  • and MUCH MORE!!!

My Opinion of Funnel Scripts

As far as my opinion is concerned, I’m a huge Fan of Funnel Scripts and using it a lot for my own purposes. I think it’s an excellent choice for people who are looking for alternatives for expensive Copywriters who easily cost about $20,000+ !! (is that Crazy!?)


Funnel Scripts revolutionary new Software is the REAL DEAL if you

A) are not an expert on this “copywriting thing”


B) don’t want to become a Copywriting Expert and focus more on Sales and spending your money


B) don’t want to hire an expensive Copywriter for $5,000+


buy FunnelScripts directly here, without the Webinar


Check out first the Webinar and learn everything about Funnel Scripts yourself:

funnelscripts website

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